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We made it! Minor glitch at Toronto airport. Made us want to say FOCUS a few times! Long flight and not much sleep. Lots of help at Keflavik airport. we get preboarding and then of course we are the last off the plane. BUT get Lorri into the wheelchair and watch out! The helper wheels us past ALL the lines, right to the front. Passport control, we're first. Security check, we're first. Grey, wet, rainy and cool. Just like home! LOL Arrived at Our House Guest House. As promised Bedda had a key waiting for us at the door. My name spelled correctly, we're off to an excellent start. The guest house is warm and cozy. 3 of the other guests are having breakfast and introductions all around. Lorri and I are feeling a bit like zombies because our clocks think it's 4am. We collapse on the couches and wait for Bedda to arrive. Our room is occupied by a woman from England, whose name I forget, my bad. 1030ish we crawl into bed and sleep until around 1. Walked up to Halgrimmskirka. Had lunch at Cafe Loki. Bought a few groceries to make supper. Evan and Lynn from Toronto had returned from a Golden Circle tour so we shared pictures and trip plans. They will be in Akureyri at the same time we are. Made supper at Our House. Now we're both feeling like packing it in but that would be such a waste of a Friday night in Reykjavik! Called a taxi to take us to Cafe Rosenberg. Incredibly talented swing quartet played until midnight. Dan Cassidy Swing Kvartett.
Day 2. I wake up at 630, heard someone upstairs and it's daylight so I got up. Plan is for me to walk to Sixt and pick up the rental at 9. Got just a wee bit lost so what should have been a 30 minute walk ended up being 50. Saw a lot of Reykjavik, big grin! Our rental car is an itty bitty Chevy Spark and it's a brilliant neon green.
Back to Our House I get lots of practice with roundabouts. I'm a wimp to start with and take the first out on several of them which means I've turned right instead of going straight through or turning left. Saw lots more of Reykjavik!
It's still early when I get back to Our House, not quite 10 and I'm needing a nap. Oops, we didn't wake up until 1230. Hey, we're on vacation so who cares really. We got the car all packed up. Met Bedda's sister, Lovi, who has come to take care of the guest house, said our goodbyes and we hit the road. Head for the harbour while Lorri swears at the GPS. It still thinks we're in Thunder Bay. Thankfully there are lots of road signs and we get onto highway 1. Every access to the highway is a roundabout, lots and lots of practice!
6 km tunnel is impressive. Our first stop is Bogarnes. Most expensive cafe so far. Picked the cheapest things on the menu and back on the road. Side trip to Reykholt to check out Snorristoffa (Snorri Stuff). Steam vents all over the place. Back on the road, next stop is Gauksmyri Lodge near Hvammstangi. Made it just in time for a delicious lamb dinner. One beer each and we´ve had it. Time for bed.
Day 3. Up at the ass crack of dawn! Just me, Lorri is still sleeping. Head for the breakfast room and coffee and blogging. Really getting into this. Actually getting quite wordy. Excellent buffet breakfast. Lorri and I are now waiting for our turn at horse back riding. Yes, we are going horse back riding. Johann says 'no problem'. Tune in to the next installment to find out how it turns out!

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The journey hasn't started yet but what a trip!

Let's start with an explanation of my blog title. I read. I read a lot. I can easily get lost in a book so much so that I am a cranky bear if I have to put my book down and attend to real life.
My children got hooked on the Harry Potter series right from the start, and so did I. We would attend the book launch opening parties at our local Chapters in costume. We would call dibs on who got to read the next book first. I got The Half Blood Prince First and finished it in a day and a half and then my girls took turns.
When you're that fascinated with a series and the characters in it, the fascination has to spill over into real life. I had a Harry Potter 50th birthday party and invited all my muggle friends. There was a potions lab, a tarot card reader, chocolate frogs and cauldron cakes.
Moving on to A Song of Ice and Fire, the books that inspired the tv series, Game of Thrones. Imagine the thrill when I discovered Inn At The Crossroads, a food blog by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Sariann Lehrer. A Game of Thrones New Year's party, no forks or plates, just a trencher and a knife and your fingers and all the food prepared from Chelsea and Sariann's recipes. Costumes of course, candle-light and mead.
This is all recent history. Let's back track more than 40 years to my first fascination with the legends of King Arthur. The Once and Future King, The Crystal Cave, Parsifal. In one version of the legend, Morgan is the enchantress who bewitches Merlin. I decided way back then that if I ever had a daughter (didn't have a boy friend yet but was planning on having a daughter) her name would be Morgan. And I did and she is...Morgan. How's that for turning reading into reality?
But this is just recreating fiction in my living room. What about actually visiting the places mentioned in my favourite books?
21 years ago I discovered the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and not long after that a fan community called The Ladies of Lallybroch. LOL is a very active international group of fans. Tours to Scotland to visit the sites mentioned in the books have been organized by celticjourneys.us for over 11 years. I'd always thought how nice it would be to take that trip but never really seriously until January 2014. Why wait? You only live once! I asked the only other person I knew that was as rabid a fan as I to come with me. I knew pretty much before asking, that Georgia wouldn't go, so was already thinking solo. But then Lorrie said, "I'll go. I've read the books!" and just like that I had a travel buddy.
Looking for the cheapest flights we found Icelandair's Stopover in Iceland promotion. You have to change planes in Iceland. Why not extend the layover for a week? Why not? So plan the trip to start a week or so before the Outlander tour and explore Iceland. Why not extend the trip after the Outlander tour? Why not? So we booked our return flights for a month later.
Yeah, let's do things a bit backwards. Book the flights and then cross our fingers that we can get the time off work. Well Lorri solved that problem by putting in for retirement. Sheesh! I wish!
Next on to detail planning. Accommodations in youth hostels, yes we're youthful...ish! Couch Surfing! Guest houses. Rental cars. What to see and do. Horse back riding, Rettir (sheep round-up), waterfalls, whale watching. Bring it on!
Now Lorri is retired and has all the free time in the world so she has already started travelling. Trout Lake, Philadelphia, Trout Lake, BC. While in BC she and her friend, Heather, went white water rafting. Cue the music, impending doom approaches! Aaaarrrggggh! Lorri broke her ankle just 4 weeks before our departure date. So my first comment to her was "Yay! Pre-boarding on all our flights!" This is one option! Here's another!
Crossing all our respective fingers that bone knits fast!

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