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A travelling day!

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Up at 4am and on the road with Svava Petursdottir, our Couchsurfing host. Our flight leaves at 730 for Glasgow. Check-in was a breeze as airport services took charge and had us to the front of every line once again. Short flight to Glasgow where once again airport services were waiting for us right at the plane door. This helper looked just a teensy bit like Rupert Grint (if Rupert had had a late night and crawled out of bed straight into his uniform lol). Bus tickets, no problem. $ exchange, no problem. Boarding the bus, no problem. Train station, fish & chips, drinks, timetables, no problem. Finding a seat on the train, PROBLEM! So we encountered a couple of twits on the train but we also met Billy and his wife who were most helpful. We had to change trains in Perth which was also their stop and they made sure we had a Scotrail helper get us to our connection. NO seats on this train so Lorri sat on the drop down seat by the carriage door and I perched on luggage until another Scotrail staff suggested we take the last 2 seats in the FIRST CLASS section. Ok then! Free snacks too! Once in Inverness we needed a taxi and that took some doing. Keep in mind that the English spoken by the Icelanders was easier to understand than a lot of the Scots we encountered! Made it to our B&B, made it up to the third floor and collapsed. Much, much later we ventured out to a pub on the corner called The Water Front. Cullen Skink and Queenies for supper. For dessert, a flight of whiskies to share. Dalwhinnie, Oban and Glenmorangie. Mmmmm! Back to the B&B and bed. Tomorrow we meet up with the Ladies of Lallybroch.

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Tonight will be our first time Couchsurfing. We are driving all the way back to Reykjavik today. Our hosts, Svava and Gunnar, are expecting us around 1530 so not a lot of time to site see. We come upon an interesting cluster of volcanic caldera and the lava that had spewed out of them. I only climb halfway up this volcano. On the other side of this volcano is the tiny university town of Bifrost. We stop just because I want to say I've been to Bifrost which is the bridge that links Midgard to Asgard. Continuing on to Reykjavik we arrive at our hosts' address around 4pm. Svava is home and we have tea while waiting for Her husband, Gunnar, to get home from work. We spent a very nice evening getting to know each other. Gunnar cooked fish for supper and I made Half Hour Pudding for dessert. Lorri and I had come prepared with a bag of raisins.
Next morning Petur, Svava's father, drove Lorri and I on the Golden Circle tourist route. Peter dropped me off at the start of the walk through Þingvellir and then drove Lorri to the other side of the park. Peter was like our own private coach driver. We did the same at several other spots along the Golden Circle. Made it so much easier, I could do the hike and Lorri didn't wear out her ankle. Peter also took us to places you wouldn't normally have heard about like the Kirk Iceland's first bishop built in the 12th century.
Peter brought us back to Hafnafjordur and then we made our way into downtown Reykjavik to return the rental car. Svava and Gunnar picked us up at Sixt and then it was out for supper to Askari. Excellent food and reasonably priced. Back to their place and it's time to pack as we leave for Scotland bright and early in the morning.

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Whale Watching, Myvatn and Godafoss

I climbed a volcano!

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Whale watching from Akureyri was sold out or so I thought so we reserved seats with Gentle Giants in Husavik. Up really early and hit the road at 7 for the drive to Husavik. Breakfast in a little Bakeri that was actually quite reasonably priced. 3 hour cruise of the Skjalfandi Bay but no whales spotted. They offered us all a second cruise for free but we had plans to visit Myvatn so declined. After all still no guarantee that any whales would be seen. On the road to Myvatn we suddenly realized that we were in Holasandur. Sandur means desert and the likelihood of sand storms. And I didn't take out sand damage insurance. We kept going natch! Frommers had a list of things you could see in the area most involving 1-2 hour hikes. Reading carefully we knew there were a few things that could be seen from the car including Hverfjell Crater. Driving to the parking area at the foot of the crater second gear in the car was too fast. Impressive crater. We'd seen it from miles away as we approached. Rounding the bottom we were impressed to see that people were walking along the rim at the top. We were already driving away when I asked Lorri if she'd be ok at the bottom if I tried to climb it. She said if I climbed I had to wave from the top so she could take a picture. So up I went. The rim is 420m up and the trail from the north side is considered the easy route. I did it, lots of stops on the way up but I did it. I HAVE to find a way to upload more pictures. Words are not enuf to describe this country. Like Goddafoss only I have a picture with me in it! We're back at the hostel. Lorri has gone up to bed. I'm waiting till my knees stop screaming before heading up to the 4th floor. Back to Reykjavik tomorrow. TTFN

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Gauksmyri to Akureyri

Lorri doesn't love tunnels!

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We took the long way from Gauksmyri to Akureyri. It could have been just a couple hours on the main highway but we changed it up and took the road that went around the north side of the Siglufjodur peninsula. 4 tunnels, curves that look like they end in nothing but sky and a 14% grade going down the other side of a blind hill. Very cool!
Check out this link to the tunnels in Iceland. We've been through 1, 5, 6 and 7. Make note how long they are. Today we went through 5, 6 and 7. Number 6 is actually 2 tunnels. One is 3.9 km followed soon by one that is 7.1 km. Half of them are only one lane. You can tell if you have the right of way if the direction you are travelling has a white arrow. If you have a red arrow that means you must give way inside the tunnel when meeting another vehicle. You give way by pulling into little alcoves on your side of the tunnel and waiting until oncoming traffic passes. First time we saw headlights coming at us I had this OMG feeling but soon figured out that I had the right of way. Phew! Lorri on the other hand is just a teensy bit claustrophobic. She kept herself occupied by videoing the trip through. Really cool videos but we are having some trouble uploading pics etc.
We had to give way to a different road hazard too...sheep! Several hundred were crossing the bridge on the highway.
Tonight is our first night in a hostel. Tomorrow we go whale watching.

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Holy Shit! We're on Horseback!

There really are pictures! Really!

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The pictures prove it. Johann and Juliana got Lorri up on Lisa and then it was my turn to get up on Tanya.
Johann was very patient with us and so were the horses. Lorri is on Lisa and I am on Tanya.

Johann was very patient with us and so were the horses. Lorri is on Lisa and I am on Tanya.

Tanya had to be backed up beside the arena wall because she kept shying away. She knew it was a bad idea to get me anywhere near her! One crunchy feeling knee and Johann standing in the stirrup on the other side and holy shit I'm on a horse! Juliana and Johann led us around the arena and then let us handle the horses on our own. It was decided that inside the arena was going to be enough. It was pouring rain and we are definitely not up to an hour long trek. Lisa and Tanya put up with us for most of an hour. Johann is a very patient teacher and encouraged Lorri to come back when her ankle is stronger. Hmmmmm, he didn't ask me to come back. Wonder why!

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